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Your Shipping Team's New Best Friend

Ghent, a division of GMi Companies, manufactures and markets visual communication products including whiteboards, glass and bulletin boards of all shapes and sizes. Shipping orders for their larger boards (over 4 feet) has always been a laborious task, requiring employees to manually stretch wrap the product to oversized pallets.




Though Ghent has stretch wrapping equipment in their operation, these large pallet sizes do not fit on the machine’s turntables. Because the pallets are too large for their current stretch wrappers, they had no choice but to hand wrap these loads. Ghent found that, even with the assistance of a push-cart stretch wrapper, hand wrapping was very time consuming and inefficient so they reached out to BGR for a solution.


BGR’s automation experts knew Robopac’s S6 Robot was the perfect machine for this application. This robotic stretch wrapper is self-propelled and totally portable. No matter the size, shape or location of a pallet within a facility, the S6 can quickly and effectively wrap the load. With the S6 Ghent would no longer be required to hand wrap large loads that did not fit on their existing stretch wrappers. With the touch of a button, the S6 will effectively secure any size pallet at any location in their facility.


In 32 years working for a small company, I never imagined our logistics department purchasing a robotic stretch wrapper that made an immediate impact and improvements towards film cost, labor, and even freight damage.

Greg Swartz - Logistics Manager, Ghent


Ghent visited BGR’s automation showroom to see the S6 Robot in action. Following their visit, BGR tested the S6 Robot at Ghent’s facility to trial the machine in their application. We also performed a film test to identify the best film option for this machine. The demo and film tests proved that the S6 was the ideal stretch wrapper solution for their needs, and will provide significant cost savings by automating their manual wrapping process for large and irregular sized loads.




GMi Companies, headquartered in Lebanon, Ohio, is a leading US manufacturer of visual communication products and display solutions to help people communicate, collaborate and learn. Ghent products include whiteboards, glassboards, mobiles, tackboards, easels, enclosed message centers, and more. Waddell manufactures display furniture in a variety of applications to meet any environment. VividBoard custom dry-erase boards are used in healthcare as patient room boards to promote communication and patient satisfaction. All GMi Companies products are sold through dealers specializing in office and education throughout North America.   

By Luke Recker on August 23, 2020 | Topic: Automate Now


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For many, the struggle to effectively wrap large or irregular skid sizes results in damaged product or inefficiencies in their operation.