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BGR’s customer, Everything But the House (EBTH), a national online estate liquidation company with a large customer base and numerous shipping centers throughout the country, discovered that their rapid growth was causing a drain in their capital. The culprit? Shipping supplies. Each processing center was sourcing materials independently, resulting in excessive packaging costs, inconsistent brand experience, and an unfortunately high number of shipping damage complaints. With its hard-won national presence as a solution for both buyers and sellers alike, EBTH’s “Uncommon Promise” that every item and order will be handled & fulfilled with the utmost care was at risk.

Packaging Distributors of America

EBTH is headquartered in Cincinnati and was already a customer of BGR. When they came to us for help with their packaging woes we quickly devised a solution that solved their problems and more. We audited their process and standardized their packaging supplies across all EBTH facilities. This enabled us to consolidate purchasing and leverage its large-volume purchase power to negotiate discounted pricing. With facilities that were outside of our geographic reach, we worked with our partners with the National Packaging Distributors of America to ensure quick fulfillment of supply orders.

Standardization meant every facility needed a speedy and simple way to order their supplies. We created a custom website for easy ordering, shipment tracking, and location-based reporting that enables management to monitor stock and allocate budgets. Every EBTH facility now has the supplies it needs, on time and at the best possible pricing, so that fragile, oversized, or hard-to-pack items can be uniformly packed and shipped with ease.

BGR has been able to service EBTH at a high caliber consistently — when we were a small startup and when we grew to the much larger scale we are now.

Tom O'Brian - Director of Operations, EBTH


The positive results are undeniable for EBTH. Packaging items as efficiently as possible has resulted in substantial improvements throughout its warehouses. Reduced cost-to-pack, process time, damages, and environmental impact have been realized and the promise that every order is handled & fulfilled with the utmost care is guaranteed. EBTH is confident that its brand experience is consistent throughout its processing centers, and its customers are noticeably happier. The best part is EBTH processing centers are operating more smoothly and more profitably.


By AJ Backscheider on January 14, 2021 | Topic: Custom Solutions


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