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VCI Packaging Shields Your Metal

Rust. It’s metal’s worst enemy. And it’s a costly one, too. Every year, billions of dollars are lost to rust and corrosion in the metal manufacturing and fabrication industries. Corrosion can hijack your assembly line and devastate your inventory. Fortunately, there’s a solution. 

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) packaging products form a protective barrier against rust and corrosion on your metal parts, leaving them clean, pristine and ready for use when the packaging is cut away. Using VCIs is a simple, cost-effective solution for preventing corrosion and protecting your metal stock. Here’s what you need to know about VCIs to arm your parts and your business against damaging rust and corrosion.


What is VCI Packaging?

VCI stands for Volatile or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor. VCIs are chemical compounds that are attracted to the charged surface of metals. VCI molecules build up on the surface of the metal, creating a barrier against oxidation, effectively preventing rust from forming.

VCI products are impregnated with these VCI compounds. Encasing metal parts in VCI bags, VCI paper, VCI film, or other packaging materials fully protects the metal against corrosion, without the use of messy grease or oil.


How Does VCI Work?


VCI compounds are airborne corrosion inhibitors. When a metal part is packaged in materials containing VCI technology, the VCI molecules are slowly released in an invisible vapor and condense on the surface of the metal. These vapor molecules form a thin protective barrier over the surface of the metal, shielding it against moisture, salt, dirt and other corrosive substances. 

As long as the metal part remains enclosed in its VCI bag or VCI paper, unexposed to airflow, the molecular corrosion barrier will remain intact for years. When the packaging is removed, the VCI molecules rapidly evaporate, leaving a clean, dry, ready-to-use part untainted by rust or corrosion.


Why Should I Use VCI Packaging?

There are several advantages to using VCI technology in place of other corrosion prevention solutions. VCI packaging is:

  1. Cost-effective. Rust and corrosion can halt production, increase labor and material costs and tank your company’s reputation. Packaging your metal parts with products containing VCI technology can help protect your inventory while reducing your operating costs and enhancing your customers’ satisfaction — all for a marginal cost.
  2. Easy to use. Corrosion protection with VCI products is as easy as wrapping a part in film or enclosing it in a bag or box. With a range of packing products available, including films, bags, boxes and paper, there’s a packing solution with built-in corrosion prevention for virtually any metal part. 
  3. Clean. Because VCI bags and VCI paper utilizes airborne corrosion inhibitors, there’s no need to coat your metal parts in messy greases or oils before shipping or storing — and no need to remove these substances from your parts before use. 
  4. Comprehensive. As a vapor, the microscopic VCI molecules can penetrate to every nook and cranny of your metal part, preventing rust from forming on even the most recessed surfaces. 
  5. Long-lasting. Our VCI bags and VCI paper products protect against rust and corrosion for up to two years, ensuring your products are untarnished when they’re ready for use.      


How Do I Know Which VCI Product to Use?

BGR offers a wide variety of VCI packaging options. Here is a list to help you start understanding the range of items available. Follow the links to see our selection of each. 

VCI Bags

VCI Bags

VCI Paper

VCI Paper

VCI Sheeting

VCI Sheeting

VCI Stretch Film

VCI Stretch Film


VCI Foam

Rust Protection & Removal

Protection & Removal

Do you think VCI bags or VCI paper might be the best rust prevention solution for your company but don’t know where to begin? We can help you. Our packaging specialists can explain all the options and help you select the right type of VCI packaging for your product and application. 

Different metals are composed of different elements. That’s why our products are as diverse as your needs. We offer a wide range of VCI paper and polyethylene packaging with different formulations to protect any type of metal, from steel to aluminum.  

Get in touch with one of our packaging specialists, and we’ll get started determining how best we can guard your metal inventory against rust. 

By AJ Backscheider on September 25, 2019 | Topic: Supply Line


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