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Scalable Label Printing

As a small to mid-sized business leader working within the food industry today, you need printing suppliers who are flexible and can match your need for speed. Madisono’s, a Cincinnati-based gelato and sorbet manufacturer, was unable to quickly make changes to their ingredients labels and introduce new product lines due to lead-time and cost restrictions with their then-existing label supplier.


The supplier had begun to outsource its label printing, which resulted in increased label costs and longer lead times. And, to make matters worse, they required high minimum order quantities which made it both risky and restricting to reformulate or launch new products. The lack of flexibility being offered by the supplier was making business growth a real challenge. 


To address the issue of order quantity flexibility, our label art and design team presented Madisono’s with a single label design option that could be used for all the company’s products - regardless of flavor. Then we provided a Zebra Thermal Printer for Madisono’s to print variable flavor and nutrition information on the fly. For the startup gelato and sorbet manufacturer, this was a total game changer. Printing one universal label for all products, and then being able to variable label copy in-house, offered the perfect amount of customization and flexibility.


Over the last several years, Madisono’s has seen tremendous growth, and has expanded into new markets. Their products can now be found on the shelves at some of the largest retailers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. Madisono’s growth has led to another progressive change to their label production operation. They wanted to enhance their product’s branding by creating flavor specific designs on their labels. This meant that they needed an upgrade from the shell labels, and the ability to print custom labels for each flavor fit perfectly with our state-of-the-art UV Inkjet Digital Press. 


Our digital label press does not require any tooling or print plates, meaning we can seamlessly create top quality labels with short lead times, low costs and low minimum quantities at the touch of a button. Anytime they want to introduce a new flavor, whether it be a short-run seasonal flavor or long-lasting product line, Madisono’s will simply send BGR the artwork and can expect their finished labels within days - not weeks.

"BGR's UV digital printing press has given us the ability to quickly create high-quality printed labels for each of our product lines."

Matt Madison - Operations Manager, Madisono's


Prior to the digital press, Madisono’s was limited in their ability to launch seasonal flavors, change product specific branding or change ingredient information without a high overhead cost. The digital label printing press not only presented a label solution that met the demands of this successful desert producer, but also supported Madisono’s by providing the ability to introduce new flavors with enhanced branding to help their products stand out on shelves.




If you'd like to try out Madisono's delicious gelato or sorbet products, you can find them on the shelves of major retailers including Kroger and Wholefoods. You can view their vast array of products and flavors at


By Luke Recker on September 21, 2020 | Topic: Custom Solutions


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