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Walk-In RFID Vending Machines

Automatically track supply levels with an RFID Smart Zone.


Recently, a leading manufacturer and supplier of top quality surgical and medical instruments came to BGR looking for a solution to problems they were having with their supply chain management. As global supplier to the medical industry, they understand the importance of tracking their commodity usage and inventory levels; however, they identified key pain points in these areas.


The scientific instrument manufacturer has numerous contractors in their facilities who order various quantities of supplies from a wide range of suppliers. Their limited visibility on contractor consumption and purchasing practices has led to frequent stock shortages, excess supply, inconsistent costs, and time-intensive stock counting. They specifically saw a weakness in tracking Janitorial and Sanitation supplies, so they reached out to BGR for a solution.


BGR implemented our Buyless RFID Smart Zone in their warehouse to remotely track their inventory levels and usage for Janitorial and Sanitation products. The RFID Smart Zone sensors would digitally log every unit brought in and out of the Smart Zone portal, allowing them to remotely monitor their stock levels and usage.


During the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, the scientific instrument manufacturer expanded their use of RFID labels to products like personal protection equipment (PPE) to ensure they never experienced stock outs for the products that kept their workforce safe and healthy. They modified their consumption report to be sent daily with usage data and inventory on-hand. Projecting out days on-hand based on a weighted average of previous week’s consumption proved to be a huge benefit, especially in such unprecedented times when irregularities in demand were common.


“BGR’s RFID system couldn’t have come at a better time for us”


The RFID Smart Zone provided visibility into consumption and purchasing practices by the various contractors at their facility, which helped cut unnecessary costs from:

  • Warehousing excess supply for long periods of time
  • Stock shortages
  • Paying premiums on emergency orders due to stock outs
  • Time consuming task of manual inventory counts


Following the implementation of the RFID Smart Zone system, members of their executive team took notice of the immediate impact it had on the facility. The RFID Smart Zone has provided value by improving organization through vendor and order consolidation, consigned inventory, reduction in manual processes, and ensuring consistent stock levels at all times.

By Luke Recker on June 25, 2020 | Topic: Custom Solutions


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