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RFID — A Smart Way to Cost Savings

The Buyless™ RFID Smart Zone saves you time and money where it counts.

Although the role of the purchasing team has greatly changed in the last decade, the goal of achieving cost savings on packaging supplies has not. Yet we still see so many purchasing departments take the same old approach of solely focusing on cutting direct material costs without considering indirect costs.

Direct material costs are the prices you pay for your goods, eg. $5.00 per roll. Skilled packaging supply procurement teams will reduce these costs by leveraging volume, soliciting bids from multiple suppliers, or finding less expensive materials without compromising quality.

Indirect costs are all of the costs tied up in your time, labor, and pain of the procurement and inventory management processes. From the cash you have tied up in material inventory to the time it takes to place purchase orders and perform cycle counts, there are real costs here.



Total Packaging Costs

At BGR, our goal is to achieve total cost savings for our customers by addressing both direct and indirect packaging supply costs. Our Buyless™ RFID Smart Zone is a powerful new tool proven to drastically cut indirect costs associated with procurement and inventory management.



The Buyless™ RFID Smart Zone is a virtual store at your facility that’s fully stocked with your BGR packaging supplies. Authorized employees simply enter the enclosed RFID Smart Zone, pick up the supplies they need and return to work — eliminating purchase orders, manual logs and wasted time.




Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers detect and track RFID-tagged inventory as it’s removed, which means we can automatically log usage and manage supply levels remotely for you with our inventory management software. An RFID Smart Zone saves you time and money where it counts.

  • Pay only for what you use with trackable consignment inventory
  • Automate replenishment and invoicing
  • Gain real-time visibility into the location and status of your materials
  • Track who used what packaging supplies and when


Never Order Packaging Supplies Again

Contact the BGR Buyless™ Inventory Management team today to find out if an RFID Smart Zone is right for you.



By AJ Backscheider on June 25, 2020 | Topic: Supply Line


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