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Cloud Connected Stretch Wrapping Machines

"The stretch wrapper is acting up again." Sound familiar? Far too often the investment of a shiny new stretch wrapping machine fails to deliver as anticipated because humans get involved. The truth is machines are designed to perform a finite group of tasks and can’t tell us if there’s a problem or if they’re underperforming. Luckily that’s about to change because now we have a way to monitor and optimize your Stretch Wrapping Operation with  R-Connect, the cloud-based remote monitoring software from Robopac.


R-Connect monitoring technology enables you to analyze the performance of your stretch wrapper in real-time through web dashboard analytics. This technology can help you achieve significant cost savings by gathering real-time data on film usage and alerting pallet wrap machine operators when film application is not to standard, resulting in less wasted film and consistently wrapped loads.


The R-Connect System comes standard at no additional cost on the majority of Robopac's line of stretch wrappers including:





Optimize Performance for Every Pallet

When an R-Connect enabled Robopac stretch wrap machine is installed, a performance baseline is established and the optimal pallet wrap is documented. All future wraps by the machine are compared against baseline and the operating team is notified whenever performance falls out of line. Problems can result from operator error or normal wear and tear on the machine. Prior to this technology, the only way to avoid problems that could put a machine offline or cause ineffective wraps was routine maintenance and calibration, but as we all know there are no guarantees. With the R-Connect, you’ll be alerted to potential issues with the machine and a diagnostic of how to get them back online before they break down and require service.


Beyond the convenience of knowing that your machine is providing you with optimal performance, the R-Connect software provides you with real-time insights through an easy-to-use online dashboard allowing you to review:

  • Cost per pallet
  • Film weight per pallet
  • Total throughput
  • Pallet wraps per roll
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Critical trend lines

With this technology, you’ll also have the option to access additional information remotely and monitor the performance of your machine or multiple machines from anywhere in your plant to across the globe. The R-Connect enables you to monitor stretch film inventory and trigger a minimum order point with your supplier, so you’re always prepared.


Are you ready to see R-Connect in action?

Contact us for a personalized 20-minute video demonstration of the R-Connect Technology.



Put Award-Winning Technology to Work for You

The R-Connect is so revolutionary, that it won the prestigious DHL Green & Digital Innovation Award for 2020. Proof that one of the largest shipping companies in the world recognizes Robopac as an innovative industry leader that’s focused on customer satisfaction and green initiatives. Wouldn’t you like to put that level of innovation to work for you? 


Talk to BGR about minimizing your materials spending, optimizing palletizing, increasing throughput, and reducing waste and unnecessary use of materials with a software system that tells you how - R-Connect for Robopac.

By AJ Backscheider on August 20, 2020 | Topic: Automate Now


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