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Ohio-Kentucky Steel, LLC specializes in the slitting of carbon and stainless steel coils tailored to their customer’s tooling requirements. Ohio-Kentucky Steel, LLC relies on sufficient stock quantities of shipping and packaging material, such as steel strapping, in order to maintain accurate lead times for their customers. Given the variety of their customer base, a delay in shipping their products could result in detrimental downtime for their customer.


Recently, after taking monthly inventory of their shipping and packaging supplies, Ohio-Kentucky Steel  found that they were nearly out of their 1 1/4" x .025" Steel Strapping, which they use to bind their large coils of steel. Though they had a replenishment order placed already with BGR, they could not wait for their order to arrive. They needed strapping to hold them over as soon as possible.


Clyde McNaron, Plant Superintendent at Ohio-Kentucky Steel, LLC called his BGR representative and explained the situation. Clyde needed to have his BGR rep place an emergency replenishment order that would be quickly processed and ready for pick-up at BGR same day. Without hesitation, his rep immediately processed the order and personally ensured it would be ready upon OH-KY’s arrival at BGR.


“In times of emergency, we can count on BGR to quickly get us the products we need to avoid shortages.”

Jigger_McNarronClyde McNaron - Plant Superintendent, Ohio-Kentucky Steel, LLC.


At BGR, we understand the importance of quick communication and the ability to reach your representative at any time. Because Clyde was able to immediately reach his BGR rep and have a replenishment order processed for same day pick up, Ohio-Kentucky Steel, LLC avoided downtime that could have resulted in the loss of business from valued customers.

By Luke Recker on October 26, 2020 | Topic: Supply Line


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