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A New President and 'Customer First' Strategy

After 50 years of taking care of BGR's customers and employees, Dean and Allen Backscheider are transitioning into a new era for both themselves and the company.

The brothers, and BGR co-founders, are moving from their roles as Co-President to Co-Chairmen of the Board, where they will continue to play an active role serving key customers and key initiatives. The first act has been to hire Phil Schneider as the new President. Schneider brings with him 10 years of experience working with family businesses of similar sizes, and over 20 years of executive experience with Cintas Corp.  


Helping Customers “Take Back Control”

As the incoming President, Phil Schneider is continuing BGR's philosophy of prioritizing the customer by introducing a 'Customer First' Strategy. In his words, ”It’s time to put customers back in control. We are listening to customers in every market and, frankly, they spend far too much time and resources reacting to an out-of-control supply chain—inventory shortages, price hikes, labor challenges, new post-Covid demands—and this on top of the typical initiatives in sustainability and business performance overall. We remind customers all the time, 'it’s hard to drive improvements in your supply chain when you aren’t in control of it.’ That’s why everything we are doing at BGR is aimed at putting our customers in the driver’s seat where they can 'Take Back Control.’ But make no mistake,” Schneider continued, “Take Back Control is not just a Marketing phrase. It is the prevailing need in the industry, the BGR difference and precisely how BGR will continue their 50 year legacy of putting customers first.”


New Chief Customer Officer & VP of Supply Chain 

Initiatives supporting the Customer First Strategy include investing in supply chain insights, equipment solutions, business process automation and customized inventory management systems that drive more control to their customer’s packaging supply chain. Schneider has also made 2 key hires, including BGR's first Chief Customer Officer, Jeff Dickson, and a new VP of Supply Chain Tom Metz.


The final word goes to one of new Co-Chairmen, Allen Backscheider: "I feel like we've just got started. The customer-first mindset helped us grow from selling a couple of boxes of tape in a basement, to serving customers around the globe. I’ve never been more confident that Phil is the right person to build on this momentum.”

Official Press Release here

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