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Introducing the NEW Eco Mailer™

BGR is proud to be among the first to offer the NEW Eco Mailer™. It’s the eco-friendly, curbside recyclable mailer that protects and delivers without compromising the strength and durability of a traditional bubble mailer. It’s the Amazon mailer that has shipped over 100 million products safely to their customers since 2019.


This new technology is a paper-based, curbside-recyclable mailer that is durable, lightweight, and impact resistant. It’s created with a lightweight cushioning material that minimizes weight and reduces processing costs without the need for plastic air bubbles. Using 77% less packaging and requiring 33% less empty air, these mailers maximize space as they are less rigid and more form-fitting, allowing for more packages per load. 


Increasingly, customers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. With online shopping at an all-time high, it’s a great opportunity to show your brand cares about eco-friendly packaging, recyclable and reusable materials, and the environment. It’s a win for you and the planet.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s a new mailer in town.

The Eco Mailer™


It’s true. Amazon decided it was time to ship in a 100% curbside recyclable, eco-friendly mailer, and the bubble mailer found its greatest adversary - Eco Mailers. The demanding packaging engineers at Amazon developed this mailer to be flexible, light, and strong enough to withstand the rigors of shipping to deliver its contents safely. This mailer not only passed their strength tests but received approval from their packaging experience team. To ensure the lightweight mailer was easy to use on the packing line, the testing team created a device that simulated employees’ fingers as they opened the mailer—creating the first flexible-mailer-openability test method to perfect the mailer and optimize ease of use.


This mailer is so innovative that it was a Diamond Finalist in Dow’s 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards, and has received How2Recycle® Certification. It’s a great opportunity for any business that is currently utilizing a bubble mailer for smaller items and to switch to more sustainable packaging while reducing their use of corrugated. Beyond the ease of use in your packing line, your customers will recognize your commitment to customer satisfaction and the environment.

Packaging Innovation Awards how2recycle


Ready for a Sustainable Mailer?

Check out these mailers that MILLIONS of Amazon customers have come to recognize as the sturdy, eco-friendly mailer of choice from the largest eCommerce retailer in the world.


Eco Mailers™


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  • 100% curbside recyclable delivers an eco-friendly solution to meet your eCommerce needs
  • High seam strength with strong bottom fold and sides with heat seals for superior bursting strength
  • Strong 2-ply flap with tamper-evident, seal adhesive closure 
  • Tear strip for easy opening

  • Unique brand printing available with four-color printing capabilities
  • Available in 5 standard sizes – exterior dimensions: 7” x 9”, 12” x 9”, 14” x 9”, 12” x 15”, 14” x 18”

By AJ Backscheider on August 20, 2020 | Topic: Supply Line


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