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RFID Enabled Inventory Management

Remotely monitor supply levels with BGR’s RFID Smart Zone.


Heartland Food Products Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of low-calorie sweeteners and coffee products. Heartland found that they had a labor-intensive procurement process that required each department to be responsible for ordering and managing inventory. This resulted in multiple recurring issues like missed or late payments, inaccurate usage tracking, tedious counting practices and emergency runs that led their operation into a state of chaos.

It became clear to Heartland that they needed a better system that could take the labor and error out of their procurement process. The answer? BGR’s RFID Smart Zone.




We implemented an RFID Smart Zone in Heartland’s warehouse to automatically monitor, manage and replenish their packaging supply for five departments in their distribution facility. The RFID Smart Zone automatically tracks inventory levels, removing the need for manual counting and possibility of stock shortages. Because they could now count on BGR to automatically log usage and manage supply levels for them, Heartland saw immediate increase in efficiencies.


"The RFID Smart Zone is the best thing to eliminate intense labor processes on many levels.”

Cindy Perez - Indirect Materials Manager, Heartland Food Products Group


With BGR’s RFID Smart Zone, Heartland’s operations have shifted from chaos to a more organized and less labor-intensive process. It has eliminated the need for purchase orders for 32 items, as well as reduced labor hours tied up in tedious manual counts by 600%.




After the success at the Heartland Distribution Center, Heartland Foods decided to set up an additional Smart Zone at the Manufacturing Plant to track the inventory levels of 6 additional departments across roughly 80 different SKU’s. Now, there are no more stock-out emergencies or incidents of lost material in their receiving process. They also are now able to track true usage of inventory across each department.

By Luke Recker on June 25, 2020 | Topic: Custom Solutions


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