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6 Reasons to Rethink Your Pallets

A pallet is a pallet, right? Not quite. Many companies order the first pallet they find (or the cheapest) and don’t even realize how large a range of pallets is actually available–including custom options. A pallet isn’t simply wood–it may be hard wood, soft wood, recycled pressed wood, plastic, metal  or even corrugated cardboard! They come in a variety of sizes and shapes as well. 

But why worry about all those details? Well, there are many reasons. A pallet can actually have a significant impact on the productivity of your daily operations and your profitability. Pallets can make the difference you need to have the competitive edge. Here are six benefits of picking the right pallet for your application–and how to make the best selection.


Six Benefits of a Perfect Pallet

By using a pallet that pairs best with the  goods or products you sell, you can lower overall costs, and get your product out the door more efficiently and more safely–with less damage. The right pallet for your product can:

  1. Lower packaging and shipping costs. Are you going through lots of plastic wrap to make your pallets work? Are they heavier duty than you really need? Having the right pallet can reduce the amount of outer material you use and the overall weight of your shipments.
  2. Optimize space. When you find a pallet size and shape that suits your products, you may be surprised how much more you can optimize your warehouse space and delivery trucks.
  3. Help reduce damage to fragile or delicate products. Are your products prone to damage? Do you find yourself re-ordering large numbers of pallets regularly? Using the correct specifications and pallet material for your product can help reduce damages during transit and storage. It can save your pallets from quick deterioration and the need to re-order too frequently.
  4. Improve safety with better weight proportion.Pallets that are designed for your product can be more stable and resistant to load shift during transportation. When pallets are specified to fit the proper load of your product, you reduce the rate of overloading or unevenly loading them. You can also improve the safety during loading and transit by choosing a pallet that fits your forklift and warehouse needs.
  5. Save loading and unloading time. The type of construction material for a pallet or the number of places a pallet can be lifted from can make a big impact over time. Using the right design can ensure a quicker unload time and promote work space or dock efficiency.
  6. Waste less and recycle more. If your organization has an environmentally conscious vision, you can choose from eco friendly pallets made with 100% recycled materials.


How to Find (or Design) the Perfect Pallet

Are you modifying your products or packaging to fit your pallet? Suffering damaged products or just feeling like your current pallet is inefficient? Let us help you. Work with one of our packaging specialists to select the correct pallet that meets your load and material needs. We may even have the right option for you available in our standard pallet stock


If a custom solution may be the best option for your needs, we can help you create a custom pallet for any application. By getting to understand the details of your business situation and applying our industry expertise, we can work with our custom pallet manufacturers to get your pallet designed, produced and delivered straight to your door. All we need to get started is a little information:

  • Description of items to be shipped
  • Length and width
  • Material
  • Quantity
  • Two way or four way
  • Style of pallet

If you’re considering a custom pallet option, share these details with us. We’ll get to work sourcing and pricing and then it won’t be long until you watch the benefits of an efficient pallet start stacking up.

By AJ Backscheider on August 23, 2019 | Topic: Supply Line


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